Services We Provide

We offer a variety of services to assist our clients. Below is a price sheet with our most common bookkeeping services.  We do not charge a fee to discuss financial services. Furthermore, we will not charge you for a one hour first time business consultation. We want our small businesses to stay in business so we do not charge a lot for our services. 

Tax preparation is a form based pricing system which is hard to quote. We have been told that our prices are about 45% below industry standard.  We immediately start saving you money by not charging a lot for our services. Our service has value to which money cannot buy.

We have multiple Notaries in the office. Our notary fee is $2 a signature. We will travel and charge a traveling fee.

Out of state? No problem! We have clients from 25 states and several out of country. We offer a secure portal for you to share information. If you prefer you may email, mail or fax us your information.

Prices Starting At:

Business Personal
Weekly Bookkeeping* $50 $25
Monthly Bookkeeping* $125 $60
Quarterly* $300 $150
Checkbook Balance $125 $30
Budget $150 $100
P&L Statement*** $90
QuickBooks / Xero Setup $90 per hour
Personalized Bookkeeping Disk $59
Existing Company File Convert & Cleanup $90 per hour
Payables $3.00 each $3.00 each
Invoicing / Billing $3.00 each $3.00 each
Delivery / Pickup $20 minimum fee per trip $20 minimum fee per trip
City Return $20 $20
709 Gift Tax (simple) $350 $200
720 Excise Tax $25
Fuel Tax Varies
CAT (OH Commercial Activity Tax) $20
Unclaimed Funds $5 Negative Report or $25 Nonnegative Report
One Time Payroll Setup Fee $100 includes software setup and obtaining all govt accounts
Payroll Package** (up to 5 employees) $25 $5 each employee after
941 Quarterly/td> $50
944, 943 (annual) $75
940 (annually) $50
State Withholding (941 annual) $10 electronic or $20 paper filing
State (501) $5 each electronic transaction
Worker's Comp $10 each electronic transaction
Oh Job & Family Service $25 electronic or $35 paper filing
Sales Tax < Semi-annual/Qrtly (not in Oh)
< Monthly
$20 / $10
W-2, W-3 1099-MISC and 1096
State Reconciliation
Locality Reconciliation
$8 each
Corporate Start-up $400 + Ohio Incorporated includes new EIN & F2553
SS-4 $25
Election of S-Corp F2553 $25
Professional Consulting (first hour free) $125/hour $60/hour
Onsite Staff Bookkeeper $120 half day
or $240 full day

*Price includes Sales Tax Form, Profit & Loss based on Bookkeeping and checkbook balance.  Bookkeeping consist of totaling all income and expenses.

**Price includes payroll with paystubs emailed unless checks are issued (additional fee for checks and if they are mailed), quarterly 941, annual 940, Worker’s Comp, OH Job & Family Services, OH IT-501 & 941 and local withholding(if applicable) and deposits as required by law.

***Completed Bookkeeping Ledgers must be provided to us. We are taking your work and providing you with a Profit & Loss Statement.

****Package includes 941, State withholding, Worker’s Compensation, Ohio Job and Family Services and local tax.

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